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Welcome to Metro Guide Service, your personal guide to take the metro throughout the region. Whether you are traveling around the city for the first time or are just passionate traveling around the world, this site is for you. Indeed, on this platform, you will benefit from all the information you need to know about the different routes of the metro.

Find up-to-date information on this site

If you are new to the city, be welcome on this site which will guide you during your journey. The information disseminated on this specific platform comes from a reliable source and the site managers summarize it very clearly. These routes can serve you wherever and whenever you go. With a map of the city and all metro stations. In close collaboration with the various existing metro lines, you are promised timetables and true itineraries. You will also be informed of the delays of certain rail lines as well as any cancellations. In addition to this information, you will also be warned of other possible routes that will take you to the same place in another date. What matters is that you can quietly use the information on the site and that this can help you plan your stay.

Step by step guide

The site is professionalised in the provision of a card to follow to the letter to reach its destination. It is quite easy for the user to consult these pages since they also have a mobile version. From your Smartphone you can consult your next destination, the train you are going to take and the scheduled times with useful information on any adjournments. At each step you cross, this site will accompany you and you can be sure not to get lost even in the biggest cities. And in order not to mislead you, the managers made sure to automatically update all the data collected with the indications on an illustrated map.

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