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A guide on how to rent a boat on vacation

We are often forced to enjoy a small beach, shared with other vacationers, while there are easily accessible corners by boat. Why not try renting a boat without a license? The idea seems seductive to combine discovery and independence. You should be interested about the price of the boat rental, and things to know. You can of course choose to go through a professional rental, but renting the boat of an individual is much friendlier, and it turns out to be cheaper!

The choice of boat: sailboat, catamaran, motor boat?

This is one of the most important things to consider. What is the model of boat that you want to rent and which is the most appropriate for your needs? To help you with this choice, the ideal is first to ask the number of people who will partake in the trip.

Then, the choice of boat will rest on the planned activity. The model will be different according to the activity practiced (navigation, fishing, idleness) and the place (sea, river, lake). If you are pulling a buoy or a wakeboard, plan a large enough and potent boat.

Lastly, the desired destination is important. Know the direction and strength of the wind for the round trip.

How to rent a boat between private individuals?

To rent a particular boat, simply send a reservation request to the owner of the boat that interests you!

For this, Once the booking is accepted and validated, you get the entire owner's contact information (email address and phone number), which allows for easier discussion, and to agree facts

The day of the booking, it is sufficient to come to the meeting place and at the time previously agreed with the owner, provided with the rental agreement, which will then be completed and signed at the same time as the inventory of furniture. This point is essential amongst the guide on how to rent a boat because it is at this moment that you sign all what was agreed during booking.

The owner can also take advantage of this moment to give you precious advice on the boat, or even the best places to discover by boat, but you can of course ask him for more details about the navigation. After returning to the port, tenants and landlords must also complete and sign a rental report.