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The party boat experience of Ibiza

Ibiza is home to some of nature's most amazing beaches. Whether you are in the North or in the South, you can quickly find a place to anchor yourself and immerse ourselves in beach beauty, even on Fermenter Island. Island provides plenty of moderately priced boat rental ibizachoices.

Fly (or drive) to the highest point of the island

Ibiza is not known for its mountainous landscape, unlike the neighboring Mallorca island – the highest point. Nevertheless, the peak of Sa Talia still has a stunning view of the rocks and the seas as it collides with a combination of color and texture underneath it is still worth to ride. The road to the top is bumpy, or with sensible shoes you can ascend on foot. You will be able to return at dusk as the sky burns and toasted the end of the day with a copper bowl of cava.

Time to go to a medieval festival

In the second week of May, every year, a festival is held to celebrate the rich history of Ibiza from Phoenicians, Romans to pirates and Christians. The celebration takes place. The Ibiza Medieval Fair fuses sights, sounds and smells of the middle Ages with street plays, jousting, market stalls and handicraft and is hosted by the fortified city of Dolt Vila, UNESCO World Heritage List. In the majestic castle walls local citizens get into the swing, drinking beer and eating super-sized saucers. You should do the same.

Study it on the island's Mustang tour

It's nothing like Ford Mustang’s smart and polished lines to get a car excited to flow the juices, and before you think of taking one on twisting, tree-lined back roads, many of which you can choose from in Ibiza. The car rentals of Mustang Adventures come in dark green, dark blue and white, but the 1965 red convertible V8 has to be the vehicle with a maximum of muscle points. You will admire many views from viewers, so please ensure that the thumbs are polished before you enter the lane.