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Short-term car rental 

For several years, car leasing has been a success in the eyes of travellers and has won a place. Many people have taken advantage of car rental to go on holiday. As you manage your time during your stay, car rental is flexible: you can take the car and return it. More informations . Everything will depend on your choice and according to your needs, everything is possible. You rent a vehicle between people or you can even rent a car at the airport, for example. From a financial point of view, generating car rental expenses remains the cheapest, most interesting and functional alternative. There is a wide choice of rental cars, from two-seater city cars to minivans if you are travelling with a group of friends or family. Whether you are going on holiday in France, in the mountains, by the sea or in Europe,

The various conditions for renting a car

When you rent a car, certain conditions must be met, depending on your age and the status of your driver's licence. It will also be necessary to provide certain documents. The conditions for renting a vehicle (car or bicycle) from France are as follows: Being 21 years old, this condition is required by the majority of rental companies. Please note that there are rental companies that have supplies for 18-25 year olds and have a legal license. The licence must not be cancelled by a judge or for failure to comply (invalidation of the driving licence). These requirements are reinforced for luxury vehicles or sports. For example, some companies are applying for up to ten decades of permits for a Prestige category! For airport transfer monaco limousine, contact a professionnal.

Or rent a minibus?

Family trips, holidays with friends, excursions between associations, sports weekends, audio excursions or just to try out... You want more than just a car? Renting a minibus is your solution. You will find fantastic possibilities to rent a minibus adapted to your requirements and to share unique and friendly minutes, in complete safety. A practical and comfortable car is easily the most economical and appropriate means of transport for travelling. It is not necessary to count your money or bag.